Overall Reaction

Once it reached Cardinals officials, they were not too pleased with it and they released a statement saying they will not tolerate this type of behavior. They say they will do something about it but there is nothing they can do as fans can say whatever they want to the players and coaches since they are the ones who are on the spotlight. There are similar incidents that are related to racism in the game of baseball. It is just too bad these things are happening as they can’t really control their words against people they hat. They should really be taught a lesson even though most of them get away with it. With what they are saying, some people might take offense and charge at them.


Cubs player Dexter Fowler said he did not hear anything like that while playing in the game since the crowd was so noisy. It was hard to concentrate on the game alone with all that noise so he said he would have an even harder time concentrating on hearing what the fans have to say about certain players. It is true that you can’t get rid of this problem in sports or on cheap porn sites though. You can only wish they would avoid doing it.