Racial Slurs directed at Jason Heyward

At the ballpark, St. Louis Cardinals fans were heard by game microphones to have directed racial slurs at Jason Heyward. It was a good thing Jason himself did not hear the remarks towards him since professional players usually ignore fans so they can stay focused on the game. The St. Louis Cardinals organization did not like this and said that if security found that out then the fans who said those hurtful words would have been thrown out of the game.


They had no right to say those words since it was just a baseball game. Some say that it could not have happened to a nicer guy since Jason is one of those guys who has a lot of Internet haters. The Internet is what it is though which is full of rumors and speculations about some big-shot stars they don’t even know will rise to the top or not. There is always that Internet darling player who never gets the respect he deserves in the real world. He wishes more Internet fans would come to his games and support him for the player he is and not the player he is not.

The Internet darlings never get their due though and you can’t blame the officials for making that happen. Racial slurs and this Only Tease discount are not tolerated at the ballpark so whoever did it will probably pay for it one way or the other once they find out who it is. Even if the fans paid for their tickets, they have no reason to hurl racial slurs at players. ESPN did not want the fans’ comments broadcasted but they had no choice since it was a live game. They will surely edit it when it is time to broadcast the replay. They are a huge sports channel that is recognized all over the world so there is no way they would want its reputation damaged. There is no excuse for racial slurs to happen not only at the ballpark but anywhere in the country with or without a MetArt Network discount. It is something they take seriously and if you are mad at one person then do something else about it. Saying those hurtful words can only make more people angry at you and that is not a good thing once it gets broadcasted on live TV.


The folks over at ESPN could not say who said those racial slurs but they say they are on it. Authorities may look at CCTV footage of the game if there was one. Social media namely Twitter has picked up on the news and you know how fast Twitter can spread something like that. When an account that has a lot of followers posts something with a new hashtag then it becomes trending in an instant. A lot of people will reply with the same hashtag hoping they will also get people to follow their account. They are also not afraid to voice out their opinion on the matter.